My online SHOP and new home!

Hello friends!
I have officially transitioned into the Shopify world as my website. My online shop has now been live since May 8th! I have been working on it (and still am!) for about a month before finally releasing it into the e-commerce world. It feels good to see the reality of my online home. 

A lot of feelings went through this process: excitement, fear, and vulnerability. After all, my little shop is an extension of myself. I am excited to inject creative joy into your lives. I am also fearful and have thoughts of "what if no one cares and I become a starving artist?" And most of all, I feel vulnerable because the items I create are things that are close to my heart. 

What I really want is to create for YOU. To create items that make your heart sing and perhaps take your breath away. To create items that make you feel will ADD value and beauty to your life. And most importantly, to know that you can find creative pieces that are "totally you."

The past 2 months of quarantine and pandemic life has taught me a lot.

ONE - I can survive being home 24/7 with my 2 little babes. Pre-pandemic, our toddler Aiden was usually in daycare 3x/week, I would often get help during the week from my parents, and my sister would provide some relief over the weekend. Without them is so tough but we’ve now come to a good routine. I truly see so much growth in our family, as we navigate being home all the time. Thankfully Aiden can nap easily and baby Mila is easily entertained by him. They are the cutest together and it makes my heart happy knowing they'll grow up having one another always. 

TWO - I can never stop learning. For a very long time, I wanted to learn how to digitize and vectorize my work. Surprisingly, I have found the most motivation during this period and finally did the damn thing! As a result, I have created several wallpapers and have shared one as a freebie, so please go ahead and download it for your mobile devices and tag me on IG @cecile.lau.calligraphy. It’s currently listed under my Blog menu -> Wallpapers. Come back next month for another juicy and fun design for summer!

THREE - I was able to make my online shop dream become a reality, which is why you are here :) I released my batch of Mother's Day cards and though it involved a lot of brainstorming, trial and error, and test prints...I am so happy with the end result. I am thrilled that all the mamas who received one adored it as well. My next item to release to the shop will be my wax seals. These are perfect for brides-to-be, photographers, styling shoots, and for those who love sending mail. I know it is a challenging and sad time for couples with postponed weddings. There is still much uncertainty for those with upcoming weddings, as the world navigates COVID-19. I hope to maintain an inspiration to you and know that I am here for you. I will continue to create and distract you with pretty things! I miss creating wedding items and hope to do it again with you soon.

I am excited to continue my journey here with you and am thankful for your support. And to new friends, welcome and I hope you will stay along for more! 


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